A note from Restitution: The Documentary producer and director Eric Scott:

First, thanks for your attention. This is an issue that is of exceptional importance, not only to those who’ve been struggling for justice for decades from Poland, but for many different communities around the world who find themselves in similar predicaments.

As a documentary filmmaker who has previously dealt with controversial issues, I see my role as someone who starts conversations around subjects that aren’t easy to talk about. This project is about opening a difficult discussion and speaking about the unspeakable that may lead to a tipping point, and finally get some justice and acknowledgement for those who deserve it.

I’m planning on going to Poland in the autumn of 2014 for a first film shoot. I can’t finance it myself and I need your help.

Thank you,


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Restitution: The Documentary is proud to be a part of theĀ The National Center for Jewish Film’s Fiscal Sponsorship program. As such, anyone living in the USA can make a tax-deductible donation to this project can do so via the NCJF website.


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