Eric Scott


Eric Scott has been working in television and documentary film production since the early 1980s. His work focuses on stories of individuals who struggle against authority on a quest for academic, collective and personal freedom.

Je Me Souviens his first film was a controversial documentary about one French-Canadian scholar’s revelations about anti-Semitism and extreme right wing nationalism in Quebec during the 1930s and early 1940s.

In 2004, Scott completed The Other Zionists, a documentary about Israelis opposed to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank focusing on an organization of Israeli women that was founded by a Canadian to defend the human rights of Palestinians crossing Israeli military checkpoints.

Leaving the Fold his third film tells the story and struggles of five young people born and raised within the ultra-Orthodox Jewish world who no longer wish to remain on the inside. His films have aired in 10 countries on national television and have been shown in numerous festivals.